About Our Salsa

At BigDaddyLee’s Salsa, we’re constantly recruiting among the best and brightest tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and spices the produce manager has to offer. From stay-at-home tomatoes who want to contribute financially to their family’s budget to retired Fortune 500 onions and jalapenos, our diverse team allows us to take care of any salsa need, anywhere in the world. Whether you need to dip your chips, top your burger or your eggs are screaming for a flavor update, we have the salsa you need to satisfy those tangy taste buds. So let’s keep this life on the spicy side!

What started out as a father and son spending time on the weekends trying different combinations of ingredients to make that just right salsa has grown into something more, a family gathering of the taste test and more. Our original sweet and spicy salsa to a hometown favorite, introducing a satisfying blend of thick tomato base with a touch of sweetness followed by a hint of spicy, it really does keep you coming back for more.  We hope that you will build some good memories with family and friends around a bowl of BigDaddyLee’s Salsa.  It is our pleasure to share it with you.

Salsa and Eggs



A Few Ideas To Spice Up Your Meals


    On Your Eggs

In Your Meatloaf

        On Mom’s Grilled Cheese

In Your Stew 

    Mix With Your Ranch    Dressing

On Your Burger

On Grandma’s Deviled Eggs

      In Your Salad

Add To Your Bean Dip

    Mix With Aunt Betty’s Guacamole

On Your Dad’s Baked Potato

 Dipping Your Chips

   On Your Taco